Things That Don’t Sell Well at Yard Sales

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Don’t Sell These at Yard Sales

There are some items that simply are very unlikely to sell at your yard sale, and should probably just be thrown in a bin to give away free or be taken to the trash when the yard sale is over. You never know who will take a free item, but more than likely no one is going to pay a dime for the following items.

1. Old Records – Even if you love them, and even if they’re technically collectors’ items, you’d be better off selling these individually online via eBay or somewhere like that, where a collector will look for them specifically.


2. Old Shoes – Most people don’t want to buy old shoes because it’s gross. But, if you have gently worn designer shoes, you’d be better off selling them on eBay or another site rather than your yard sale.

3. Big Furniture – Most people aren’t prepared to buy large furniture at garage sales due to needing a truck. If they do buy it, they’re going to want you to hold it. If you have big furniture that is in good shape, you’d be better off taking it to a consignment shop than trying to sell it at your yard sale.

4. Stuffed Animals – These things just simply don’t resell well and even if you have new ones, most people aren’t looking for stuffed animals at a garage sale. They’re looking for bargains for things they need. If you do have some plush items that are collectibles, sell them on eBay instead.

5. Souvenirs – If you don’t want that thing you bought cheaply at some place you visited, no one else is going to want it either because they didn’t even go to the place. These things belong in the free bin or the trash. Sadly.

6. VHS Tapes – The only time a VHS tape might sell is if it’s a rare collectible item, and then only to someone that knows how to transfer the information to something it can be seen on with today’s technology. These types of things probably aren’t good for anything but the trash.

7. Old-Looking Exercise Equipment – If you have some like new exercise equipment, it might sell very inexpensively at your yard sale. But if it’s in bad shape, you’re better off tossing it in the trash because no one wants it.

8. Partially Used Beauty Items – No one wants to buy your half a bottle of shampoo or your used lipstick. It’s not hygienic and today they can spend so little money at inexpensive stores that this would not be considered a bargain to most people.

9. Outdated Books – While books in general do sell at yard sales, if they’re outdated in terms of the technology they describe or the beliefs they promote, no one is going to buy them. You can try selling books on Amazon instead, but the outdated ones need to be thrown away.

10. Poorly Maintained Toys – If you have children’s toys that look bad, don’t try to sell them. If they are bent up, rusted, or have been poorly treated, no one wants that for their child. They’re looking for like-new toys at a steal, not broken-down trash.

11. Promotional Items – We’ve all gone to events and been given promotional cups, balls, t-shirts, and similar items. However, it’s like the souvenirs; no one wants that stuff if they didn’t go to the event themselves. If the stuff is in good shape, put it in the free bin.

Hopefully, you now have a realistic outlook on what will not sell at your yard sale. In summary, people who go to garage sales are looking for good bargains in good shape and not trash.

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