A Thankless Thanksgiving for Homeless Children

What is Thanksgiving like for Homeless Children

“Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men, but be careful that you do not take the day and leave out the gratitude.” ~ E.P. Powell

Many of us will be preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving in our warm homes, alongside our loved ones and the great feasts which await us. Yet there will be those unfortunate younger ones, the neglected homeless children, that will have nowhere to feast and no one to be thankful for. There will be no Thanksgiving for homeless children. These children will suffer another day alone, isolated and scared of what the cold winter will bring. The forgotten children who will be lucky to have anything to eat at all. As you watch the mouth watering commercials and the food channels showing you how to cook you bird, these children may only see the remains of the turkey from the garbage can. Continue reading

Can A Car Be A Home For Christmas?

Living in a car with no place to go on Christmas

Camping in your car for fun whilst on a long road trip may be fun, but what if living in your car was the only safe option for you to sleep? What if your car was the only place you had to spend Christmas day? What if that very same car had to keep you warm and safe throughout the entire winter? Unfortunately that is a reality for far too many people.

The reasons for losing their secure dwellings may be numerous, but one thing is for certain, this downward spiral could happen to any of us if we are unfortunate, It could be people who were in good jobs, but got made redundant, and after failing to secure a replacement job for an extended period, could not afford to pay their rent or mortgage. Continue reading

A Homeless Shelter On Christmas Eve

Christmas in a shelter for Men, Women and Children.

Life in a homeless shelter on Christmas eve can be the start of a fantastic break from the normal hardships of everyday life. For people who have nothing, no safe shelter to sleep and no regular supply of food, a homeless shelter may feel like a new lease of life. A place where at least for a few days they can feel safe, respected and part of a community. A place where they can recharge their batteries, hope for a much better future and enjoy Christmas day surrounded by people. A homeless shelter on Christmas eve can be the start of a life changing experience for all involved. Continue reading

A homeless shelter for Christmas

Christmas at a homeless shelter isn’t home.

What would life be like if you spent Christmas at a homeless shelter. Of course, there are many generous people who give up their time to help cook and serve food for those less fortunate then themselves and thus spend their Christmas at homeless shelter not out of necessity, but because of their inner desire to give back. A totally fantastic and rewarding use of their time which everyone should consider. But, then there are other, for whom the homeless shelter works so tirelessly to help; the homeless person. The person who would otherwise have to spend the cold winter on their own, perhaps out on the street, but now have a much safer option for the Christmas holiday thanks largely to the generosity of people like yourself. Continue reading

A Homeless Christmas

Christmas doesn’t come for the homeless

Imagine not having anywhere to go for Christmas. No family, no friends to turn too and no home. Imagine a homeless Christmas.

For most of us the festive season offers a chance to relax, spending time being surrounded by loved ones and eating mountains of warm, mouth watering food. Unfortunately for thousands of others Christmas merely underlines the desperate and dire situation they find themselves in. These unfortunate homeless people have no warm homes where they will feel safe and loved, no great feasts to enjoy and no feeling of joy that the season should bring. Continue reading

A Look At Giving To Homeless Shelters

Giving To Homeless Shelters Helps The Homeless

There are literally thousands of homeless shelters across the world. People stay there as they are jobless, homeless, sometimes suffering, in need of food, clothing, and other basic necessities. Often those in this condition are simply in need of some encouragement to help them work hard to get their lives back on track. There are many ways that one can give to help those in homeless shelters. Here are a few ideas: Continue reading

How You Can Help Homeless Children

These Children Need Your Help

While most of us are enjoying modern day comforts, food, and pleasures in abundance, there are many around the world who are in need, suffering, and hungry. It is a sad sight to see any human being in this state; however, by far the most heart-wrenching sight is a little child who is hungry, barely clothed, and living without things that we consider everyday necessities. Many have no health care, no education, little clothing, no toys, and barely enough food to stay alive. You may be surprised to know that this is happening not just across the world, but even in affluent countries such as America. What can you do to help make a difference? Here are a few tips to consider when attempting to help the homeless children. Continue reading