Things That Don’t Sell Well at Yard Sales

Don’t Sell These at Yard Sales

There are some items that simply are very unlikely to sell at your yard sale, and should probably just be thrown in a bin to give away free or be taken to the trash when the yard sale is over. You never know who will take a free item, but more than likely no one is going to pay a dime for the following items.

1. Old Records – Even if you love them, and even if they’re technically collectors’ items, you’d be better off selling these individually online via eBay or somewhere like that, where a collector will look for them specifically.

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13 Things That Sell Well at Yard Sales

Things That Sell Well at Yard Sales

If you have these items, your yard sale will be a big hit. These things are what people are looking for when they go to a yard sale. Of course, they do want a bargain price – they’re looking for 50 to 90 percent off the original price.

1. Equipment and Tools

Keep in mind that things like woodworking tools, yard tools and more need to be in good condition and sold for a song. If you’re not willing to get rid of your tools inexpensively, then you may want to try selling them in another manner. However, even a broken but fixable lawn mower will sell.

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