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Degradation Of Hardwood Forests Vs Pine Sustainability - The Implications For The Furniture Industry

Imagine yourself as a landowner with enough of a hardwood forest that lumbering becomes an economic option. A lumber buyer approaches the landowner with the hopes of gaining access to those choice hardwood trees on his or her property. After a quick survey it is determined that there is

Eco-Friendly Grilling Tips

 Grilling isn¬ít just a healthier way to cook these days. It can also be one of the greenest if you keep a few important considerations in mind.  The main concerns will be in relation to air pollution and our carbon footprint when we grill. By planning ahead, we can make our

Easy Crops to Grow Yourself

There's a boom in interest regarding organic produce being better for your health, but organic foods don't come cheaply. If you own a house with a garden, it might be time to consider whether you should start growing your own vegetables. Here are several suggestions for easy crops most people sho

Is Silicone a Green Product?

Silicone has been advocated as a green product for a number of reasons. The first is in relation to the backlash over plastics which are potentially toxic. The second is in relation to trying to cut down on consumer waste by using non-stick silicone for muffins, cupcakes and so on.  

Is Organic Food Greener?

A lot of people interested in organic foods opt for organic in the belief that it is greener, or more environmentally friendly, than commercially produced crops. But is this really the case?  1. Fewer Pesticides  Organic foods are produced without the use of heav

Watchdog Says Vietnamese Officials Bribed By Log Smugglers

BANGKOK (AP) - An environmental watchdog has accused Vietnamese government and military officials of taking payoffs to ignore vast smuggling of lucrative lumber from neighboring Cambodia.Millions of dollars in bribes have been paid by Vietnamese timber traders to both Vietnamese and C

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