The Problems With Cat Hairballs

One of the most loving animals in the world is the household cat. This animal is easy to get along with and is willing to curl up and give comfort when needed. They are a companion who asks very little from the homeowner. For that reason, it is important that they be cared for with as much care and attention as possible. Sometimes they become very ill from Cat Hairballs, which causes them a great deal of distress.

As a cat grooms itself it licks its fur. Unfortunately, sometimes this hair goes down their throats into their stomach. There the hair gathers into a ball in and causes problems. Sometimes they are able to throw up and expel it but other times it can become a life threatening measure.

Many cats suffer from hairballs, particularly those with long hair. Sometimes the balls are small and harmless with the cat being able to voluntarily cough them up. However, in severe cases they cannot do this and are in misery from the discomfort.

Hair is not digestible and when it accumulates in their stomach it stops all stomach action. Usually this is indicated by constipation and/or lack of desire for food. If one watches their animal closely and sees this happening action must be taken. It is important to see a veterinarian if they do not voluntarily expel it within a day or so. It is possible that surgery will be necessary.

Prevention is the best way to help one's animal avoid this problem. Brushing the hair frequently, feeding special or supplemental foods and trying to get them to drink more water seems to be the most common way to help avoid this problem. Hairballs are seldom found in cats whose owners follow this procedure.

As a preventive measure there are special foods designed to reduce the possibility of these hairballs forming. A veterinarian can recommend foods or food supplements which are specially designed for this purpose. They can also advise on other prevention measures that may be helpful.

Seeing that the cat drinks a lot of water will flush the hair on through its system before it has a chance to cling together and form a ball. Water should not be place by the cat's food dish but placed in various areas around the home. This, plus frequent brushing of the cat, will assist in preventing the formation of Cat Hairballs.

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