From When I First Started Using The Internet- I Always Wondered How Websites Were Made

From when I first started using the internet, I always wondered how websites were made. I found out that one way websites were made was html. Then I started seeing a lot of websites with options to send messages through a form. I thought that this was the neatest thing that I had ever seen. I then tried doing this through HTML and found that it was very difficult, and honestly quite "ugly" to send a message through mailto:. I learned that the way that people were now doing it was through PHP. I then tried to Learn CodeIgniter how to work with PHP Expert, i found this one of the most difficult things I have ever tried to do. I finally gave up and put my dreams behind me. One day I came across this website that was telling me that they could teach me PHP in 17 hours. I honestly was thinking yeah right in my head, a month or so later a friend of mine was telling me that he taught himself PHP. (This friend is really into computers, computer programing, and pretty much the whole IT field.) I was so jealous of him and he was telling me that he taught himself it. One day when we were hanging out he told me that he didn't actually teach himself it. I then really wanted to know how he was able to do it after I failed. He then told me that he purchased a eBook, he went on describing it and boy was I amazed when I found out it was the same eBook that I saw and didn't put much thought into. Later that day when I went home I looked into the website a little more. I even posted on a few computer forums asking about this product. I was shocked when I saw the amount of people who purchased this. I then decided to give it a try. I bought the eBook, and when I opened it I was amazed. I never would of thought that someone would have put the time to write 17 chapters on this boring subject. While I was reading on I found a quiz at the end of each chapter, and at the end of the book I took the time to try to answer all of the quizzes to see what I have learned. This was literally the best investment I have purchased. After the book I went on other websites and read more tutorials to get my skills more developed. And now that I have done this I can honestly go on websites like website and make hundreds of dollars coding PHP scripts for people, or even simply fixing peoples scripts. If you would like to try this amazing product out then simply click on the link below, I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.


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