Loose Aggressive Poker Strategy - 3 Mistakes That'll Cost You

I know that some of you probably already know what a loose aggressive poker strategy is, whilst others are interested in learning the ropes and some just want to avoid losing games constantly. Whoever you are, I'm sure that you, like me, are interested in the benefits of a loose aggressive poker strategy and also want to avoid all the pitfalls. That's why it's worth your time reading this article.

bandar qA loose aggressive poker strategy can be extremely effective and lucrative. Loose aggressive poker players are known more for their massive wins and hugh bankrolls then for their daring gambles and insane bluffs. But utilising a loose aggressive poker strategy won't be effective for you if you make one of these critical mistakes.

Loose Aggressive Poker Strategy Mistake #1

Getting way too loose.

The biggest issue most new/er players make when implementing a loose aggressive poker strategy is they get too loose. Loose means playing hands that aren't the most likely to win based on sheer probability. It doesn't mean play the absolute worst cards in history, ignore everything that's going on around you and bet all your money with your fingers crossed. Making the mistake of thinking you are invincible because you are betting aggressively will not only cost you the game, it will cost you a whole lot of money as well. Don't get too loose - stick to great cards, good cards and alright cards. Stay away from dirt cards.

Loose Aggressive Poker Strategy Mistake #2

bandarq Getting too loose too fast.

The secondary issue that isn't as bad as the first but still can damage you is going too loose too fast without building any sort of reputation or fear at the table. Loose aggressive works because people think you have good cards, or at least they think that you might have good cards and don't really know. If you are going too loose too fast and picking up pots early on with jack all the other players will start to think that when you're betting big you don't actually have anything. They will start to get confident to call and you will get busted. By at least winning one hand with premium cards you will set the stage for tricking everyone. If you start playing too loose too fast you might get caught out and it could cost you big.

Loose Aggressive Poker Strategy Mistake #3

Failing to stick to the plan.

An issue that always catches players, both amateur and professional (so don't feel alone) is that you're big dandy EGO gets in the way of things. The easiest thing to do when you are constantly winning with a loose aggressive strategy is to forget your ground rules and break them. Playing completely useless cards, targeting the blind of a strong blind defender, just calling or limping in because you want to see the flop 'just this once' are all examples of breaking the rules that hold up a Loose Aggressive Poker Strategy and make it what it is. There are certain fundamentals that shouldn't be messed with. Not only do you need to know these but you need to have the tact and discipline to stick to them through thick and thin.

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