A Thankless Thanksgiving for Homeless Children

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What is Thanksgiving like for Homeless Children

“Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men, but be careful that you do not take the day and leave out the gratitude.” ~ E.P. Powell

Many of us will be preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving in our warm homes, alongside our loved ones and the great feasts which await us. Yet there will be those unfortunate younger ones, the neglected homeless children, that will have nowhere to feast and no one to be thankful for. There will be no Thanksgiving for homeless children. These children will suffer another day alone, isolated and scared of what the cold winter will bring. The forgotten children who will be lucky to have anything to eat at all. As you watch the mouth watering commercials and the food channels showing you how to cook you bird, these children may only see the remains of the turkey from the garbage can.


Over 1.5 million children are homeless in the USA during the course of a year, a staggering 1 in 50 children. Innocent children who have done nothing wrong, but set the incredible challenge to make it alone in this world with nothing but the clothes upon their back. Children who deserve to smile and laugh just like the rest of us, who deserve to feel love and the warmth of being surrounded by family and not the feeling of unfairness and cruelty that life seems to have dealt them.

Thanksgiving is a time for us to be thankful of all we have. To give thanks for the life we have been given and the opportunities that we have been blessed with, as no matter how desperate our situation may be, we at least have a roof over our heads and an internet connection to be reading this text. We have the benefit of opportunity and the admission of human rights. We have family to support us and friends to help guide us. We are surrounded by love and that is what we are thankful for. But, who will spare a thought for these children? Who will love them, give them the opportunities in life and show them that there is love in the world for them too?

These children deserve the same opportunities in life as we have, and it is our duty to make sure during Thanksgiving that we not only give thanks for what we have but we show these children that they can also can feel the love and warmth that this season brings. It is our chance to give these children some of the love that was so cruelly taken away. It’s our chance to give ourselves selflessly to help those who are more vulnerable then we are and it is our chance to show that we can make a positive difference in someones life. There will be no Thanksgiving for homeless children unless we decide to make a difference.

There are many ways that you can get involved, but your local homeless shelter should be our first call. They are well placed and trained to help these vulnerable children and provide them with a safe, clean environment which the rest of us enjoy as a basic human right. Call your local homeless centre and find out how you can get involved. If you can volunteer time then that will be immensely rewarding and if you can donate in money or kind, you will be helping make resources available for these children through what is set to be a very cold winter.

So this Thanksgiving day, let us try and remember what we really have to be thankful for. Take a real hard look around you and appreciate that even though we may not have everything we want, often what we want is not what we actually need. These poor children have far, far less then they need, so it is our duty to spare some time and love to help them during this season of giving. There will be no Thanksgiving for homeless children unless we decide to act, today.

David M Peterson

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Posted October 30, 2017 by David Peterson in category "Homelessness