A homeless shelter for Christmas

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Christmas at a homeless shelter isn’t home.

What would life be like if you spent Christmas at a homeless shelter. Of course, there are many generous people who give up their time to help cook and serve food for those less fortunate then themselves and thus spend their Christmas at homeless shelter not out of necessity, but because of their inner desire to give back. A totally fantastic and rewarding use of their time which everyone should consider. But, then there are other, for whom the homeless shelter works so tirelessly to help; the homeless person. The person who would otherwise have to spend the cold winter on their own, perhaps out on the street, but now have a much safer option for the Christmas holiday thanks largely to the generosity of people like yourself.

Being homeless at Christmas is not only a dispiriting experience but also a very dangerous one, especially with the the current freezing weather. If you feel cold just walking outside for a few minutes, then imagine what it would be like to spend night after night out in the cold, and that is without even adding the extra problem of worrying about where you next meal will come from. That is why the work of your local homeless shelter is so essential, especially at this time of the year.


But a homeless shelter during Christmas offers more then food and shelter, it offers to the chance to feel part of a family and to experience some laughter and joy in an otherwise trying existence. Christmas in a homeless shelter is close to a family experience, and contrary to popular misconceptions, it is a enjoyable experience for both the homeless and volunteers alike. For many it may be the first time they remember what it feels like to have a family Christmas, a truly heart-warming moment to witness.

For many it may be the first time they are talked to with respect. Many people unfortunately have a very poor perception of homeless people, mistaking them all to be lazy or criminals with some sort of addiction. The reality is that homelessness can occur for any number of reasons, a few unlucky stokes in a row, abuse from a partner and even depression but to name a few. So, the next time you see a homeless person be sure to treat them with respect as you may have no idea of their circumstances.

For many other homeless people it offers them the chance to feel loved and part of a family. It offers them the chance to interact with other human beings who treat them as if they actually have something interesting to say, perhaps unfortunately, feelings that many homeless people cannot even remember. Spending Christmas at a homeless shelter is a great way to truly understand the life of a homeless person. It helps eradicate many of the misconceptions that we may have about the homeless and offers us a chance to interact with them in a safe environment which is as beneficial to us as it is to them.

A homeless shelter at Christmas is way more then just about a free meal. It is about the feeling of belonging somewhere, the feeling that somebody does actually care about you and the feeling that you do have some value to add to this world. You see, the homeless gain so much from just this small period of time and all because of the selfless work of volunteers who give up their time to give something back to those that really need it.

Spending time at a homeless shelter at Christmas can truly be a life changing experience for everyone involved. Get in touch with your local homeless shelter and see how you can get involved. There is no better gift then giving something back during this holiday season, so get in touch today and see how you can make a difference.

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Posted October 29, 2017 by David Peterson in category "Homelessness