Things That Don’t Sell Well at Yard Sales

Don’t Sell These at Yard Sales

There are some items that simply are very unlikely to sell at your yard sale, and should probably just be thrown in a bin to give away free or be taken to the trash when the yard sale is over. You never know who will take a free item, but more than likely no one is going to pay a dime for the following items.

1. Old Records – Even if you love them, and even if they’re technically collectors’ items, you’d be better off selling these individually online via eBay or somewhere like that, where a collector will look for them specifically.

2. Old Shoes Continue reading

13 Things That Sell Well at Yard Sales

Things That Sell Well at Yard Sales

If you have these items, your yard sale will be a big hit. These things are what people are looking for when they go to a yard sale. Of course, they do want a bargain price – they’re looking for 50 to 90 percent off the original price.

1. Equipment and Tools

Keep in mind that things like woodworking tools, yard tools and more need to be in good condition and sold for a song. If you’re not willing to get rid of your tools inexpensively, then you may want to try selling them in another manner. However, even a broken but fixable lawn mower will sell.

2. Kids’ Outdoor Toys Continue reading

Content Marketing: How to Generate Leads

How to Generate Leads

Content Marketing is a type of marketing used to increase sales by creating and delivering high-quality information to potential customers as well as current ones. Content marketing goes hand in hand with another type of marketing called network marketing (or social networking) because more people can be reached by using both together.

With the use of network marketing, you are able to reach out to more people and create more leads. This can also generate more sales over time. By combining the two types of marketing, you are able to reach more people with your valuable and informative content. This will create more interest in your products or services thus increasing sales. Continue reading

What is Content Marketing?

Learn About Content Marketing?

Content marketing can go by a lot of different names such as private media, branded content, customer media and so on, but they are all essentially content marketing. This is probably one of the best ways to make sure your marketing is being truly effective.

One definition of content marketing is: a technique of making and distributing valuable and relevant content to bring in a much defined target audience with the over all objective being the creation of sales. Basically this is a way to reaching out to your customers and potential customers in a way specifically designed to attract them to you and keep them coming back. Continue reading