Exciting Facts About the Baby Green Iguana

Baby Green Iguana Facts

Iguanas to a variety of reptiles, which are mostly found all over Central and South America. There is a green breed of iguanas, that is commonly seen in Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico and Caribbean Islands. Green iguana is the favorite of hunters, but it is not yet considered as imperiled breed of animals anywhere as is sometimes misunderstood like that. Hunters prefer to catch the large female iguanas. Green iguana is recognized as “Bamboo Chicken” and is a favorite delicacy for many people. Continue reading

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Exclusive Features of Different Types of Iguana

Know The Different Types of Iguana

Iguanas belong to iguanidae lizard family. They have most common features like tails, eyelids and long legs. These cold blooded creatures and can live for about 20 years.

Most of the breeds of iguanas are found in Central and Sothern America, Mexico, Lesser Antilles Islands, Florida, Hawaii and California. Many varieties of the iguana belong to arboreal category. These iguanas mostly live on the top of tree, in deserts, rocky trails and marine iguanas live in coastal areas in caves.  Continue reading

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Common Ailments with Iguanas That Need Immediate Medical Care

Be aware of the medical needs of your Iguana

Iguanas also get sick like human beings. You will like to keep your pet iguana healthy and want him to live long. We have discussed here the most common types of sicknesses of iguana that demand prompt vet care and will require suitable medication so that you do not lose your pet.

Fibrous Osteodystrophy: Metabolic bone diseases are very common with iguanas. In fibrous osteodystrophy their bones become weak and may fracture also. This is basically due to malnutrition and lack of vitamin D3, calcium and phosphorous in food. You can get the details of the nutritious food advice for iguanas from those selling the pets. Many people like to feed their iguana with crush and lettuce, but they are not aware that it is just like sponge and does not have any nutrition value. Continue reading

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