Bombay Cat

What Is A Bombay Cat


The Bombay cat was developed as a breed in Louisville, Kentucky in the 1950s by Nikki Horner of Shawnee Cattery. She began by crossing a black American Shorthair with a sable Burmese. She continued selective breeding to create an identifiable and consistent breed with the black color of the American Shorthair and body type of the Burmese. The new breed was accepted for championship status by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1976.

Nikki Horner’s aim was to create a ‘baby panther’ breed of cat that would resemble a miniature version of the black leopard, popularly known as the black panther, which is a native species of India. This accounts for the breed being named after the Indian city of Bombay (modern Mumbai). Continue reading

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Bengal Cat

What Is A Bengal Cat


The Bengal cat is a very distinctive spotted cat. The breed was developed in the USA in the 1960s and 1970s by Mrs Jean Mill, who crossed an Asian Leopard cat with an American Shorthair and continued producing offspring. They are now also produced from crossing an Asian Leopard cat with an Abyssinian, Egyptian Mau or Burmese.

Males in the first three generations are almost always infertile and a cat must be at least four generations from the Asian Leopard cat to be accepted as a Bengal cat. The name comes from the Latin name for the Asian Leopard cat, Prionailurus Bengalensis. It is not related to the Bengal Tiger. Continue reading

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American Shorthair Cat

What is an American Shorthair Cat?


The American Shorthair cat is believed to be descended from British cats who began emigrating to the New World with the early pioneers. They were carried on board ship to kill the rats that were a constant menace, eating the precious food supplies and spreading disease. History records that cats even came along on the Mayflower.

They were kept and allowed to breed by the early settlers for the same reason, to protect food supplies. Originally they lived mostly as working farm cats, highly valued for their hunting abilities. Continue reading

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Abyssinian Cats

What is an Abyssinian Cat?


The first Abyssinian cat known to have been brought out of its natural environment to be a domestic pet in the West was Zula, a female kitten taken from Alexandria to the UK in the 1860s by the British soldier Captain Barrett Leonard. He crossed Zula with a tabby, then bred her with the most Abyssinian looking of her own young to create the breed. By 1871 the breed was recognized and exhibited at the Crystal Palace in London. Continue reading

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Deworming Multiple Cats

How To De-worm Multiple Cats

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite pet chore. One day you clean your cats’ box and discover little white chunks of what appear to be cooked spaghetti lodged in the feces, that is, until one starts to move. You know then that it’s time to deworm your cats. If your veterinarian says that your cat doesn’t have anything particularly tough or nasty then he or she may recommend a regular schedule using commercial dewormers that can be found readily in any pet store. Your veterinarian even may have a good general purpose dewormer on hand for your use. Fortunately, there is a wide range of deworming medicines available on the market. Most are liquid or pill form. Continue reading

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Cat Mythology – Cats as Deity

Cats were worshiped as Diety

Cats as deities are most closely associated with ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians had several feline gods and goddesses. Lions were said to guard the great god Ra during his nightly journey through the underworld. The Egyptians had a fascination with lions. They created their sphinx with the body of a lion and the head of Pharaoh. Three lion goddesses existed in ancient Egypt. Sekhmet was a fierce and powerful goddess. She was a war goddess who was sent by her father Ra to earth to destroy his enemies. She is usually depicted as a woman with the head of a lion. Another lion headed goddess was Tefnut whose name means moisture. She represented a primeval force of nature. The third lion goddess was Mafdet who was the goddess of protection. Continue reading

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Newborn Kitten Care

Caring for newborn kittens

Caring for an orphaned kitten is a lot of work. Kittens need to stay with their mother for at least 8 weeks to learn proper social skills and behavior. It is safe to take kittens from their mother at 5-6 weeks old, but this is not healthy for them. When rescuing kittens from a feral mother, sometimes it is best to take the kittens away at 4 weeks old to ensure they learn to bond with humans. Kittens learn how to be a cat from their mother, so a surrogate mom will have some big paws to fill. Continue reading

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Cat pregnancy – post delivery

The kittens are born, now what?

Delivering a litter of kittens is a lot of work. It is physically exhausting for the mother cat and probably for you too if you sat up with her all night to watch. Most cats are very good mothers and so newborn kitten care is fairly easy. Things will get a lot more interesting in a few weeks when the babies start getting active. For now, enjoy the pile of sleeping kittens and watching your cat nurture them. Take plenty of pictures, you won’t believe how much they’ll grow in just a few weeks. Continue reading

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Cat pregnancy – delivery time

Your cat’s in labor, it’s delivery time!

Cats have been giving birth for as long as there have been cats, so most mother cats have the instincts they need to make the birth process go smoothly. Supervision from a calm and gentle owner is always a good idea, as sometimes things go wrong. If the mother cat is healthy and has a safe place to have her kittens, usually everything goes well and is over quickly. You shouldn’t need to intervene unless she is showing signs of distress. It is a good idea to have a phone number for a veterinarian that you can call after regular business hours, like human babies kittens tend to come in the middle of the night, and emergencies cannot wait until morning. Continue reading

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Cat pregnancy – pre-delivery

Have a pregnant cat? What to expect!

Caring for a pregnant cat is not really that much more difficult than taking care of any cat. As any cat owner knows, cats are very self sufficient animals, but they will often try to hide it if there is something wrong. If your cat is pregnant or you adopt a pregnant stray cat, make sure you bring it to a vet to get a checkup as soon as possible.

If you have picked up a stray, discuss vaccinations with your vet. It is usually not a good idea to vaccinate a cat while she is pregnant because it might cause harm to the kittens, but if you have other cats in the house it might be necessary to protect them from disease. Continue reading

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