Egyptian Mau Cat

What Is A Egyptian Mau Cat


The Egyptian Mau cat is the only naturally spotted breed. Its spots are believed to have come from natural interbreeding with wild cats many centuries ago. Spotted cats are shown in many ancient Egyptian wall paintings and may have had special privileges. Cats were highly valued in ancient Egypt, sometimes even worshipped as deities, and were often mummified like people upon their death.

The first Egyptian Mau is believed to have come to the West with the Egyptian Ambassador to Italy in the 1950s. The Russian Princess Natalie Troubetskoy, living in exile in Italy, was charmed by the Ambassador’s distinctive spotted pet and persuaded him to get several similar cats for her, which she began to breed. Continue reading

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Burmese Cat

What Is A Burmese Cat


The first Burmese cat to be brought to the USA was Wong Mau, who was brought from Burma by Dr Joseph Cressman Thompson of San Francisco in 1930. While the authorities at first considered Wong Mau be a brown variant of the Siamese breed, Dr Thompson viewed her distinct build as an indication that she was a different breed. Since there were no other cats like her in the USA she was bred with a sealpoint Siamese and then with one of her sons to produce dark brown kittens. Burmese was accepted as a breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1936. Continue reading

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Bombay Cat

What Is A Bombay Cat


The Bombay cat was developed as a breed in Louisville, Kentucky in the 1950s by Nikki Horner of Shawnee Cattery. She began by crossing a black American Shorthair with a sable Burmese. She continued selective breeding to create an identifiable and consistent breed with the black color of the American Shorthair and body type of the Burmese. The new breed was accepted for championship status by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1976.

Nikki Horner’s aim was to create a ‘baby panther’ breed of cat that would resemble a miniature version of the black leopard, popularly known as the black panther, which is a native species of India. This accounts for the breed being named after the Indian city of Bombay (modern Mumbai). Continue reading

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Bengal Cat

What Is A Bengal Cat


The Bengal cat is a very distinctive spotted cat. The breed was developed in the USA in the 1960s and 1970s by Mrs Jean Mill, who crossed an Asian Leopard cat with an American Shorthair and continued producing offspring. They are now also produced from crossing an Asian Leopard cat with an Abyssinian, Egyptian Mau or Burmese.

Males in the first three generations are almost always infertile and a cat must be at least four generations from the Asian Leopard cat to be accepted as a Bengal cat. The name comes from the Latin name for the Asian Leopard cat, Prionailurus Bengalensis. It is not related to the Bengal Tiger. Continue reading

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American Shorthair Cat

What is an American Shorthair Cat?


The American Shorthair cat is believed to be descended from British cats who began emigrating to the New World with the early pioneers. They were carried on board ship to kill the rats that were a constant menace, eating the precious food supplies and spreading disease. History records that cats even came along on the Mayflower.

They were kept and allowed to breed by the early settlers for the same reason, to protect food supplies. Originally they lived mostly as working farm cats, highly valued for their hunting abilities. Continue reading

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Abyssinian Cats

What is an Abyssinian Cat?


The first Abyssinian cat known to have been brought out of its natural environment to be a domestic pet in the West was Zula, a female kitten taken from Alexandria to the UK in the 1860s by the British soldier Captain Barrett Leonard. He crossed Zula with a tabby, then bred her with the most Abyssinian looking of her own young to create the breed. By 1871 the breed was recognized and exhibited at the Crystal Palace in London. Continue reading

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Can A Car Be A Home For Christmas?

Living in a car with no place to go on Christmas

Camping in your car for fun whilst on a long road trip may be fun, but what if living in your car was the only safe option for you to sleep? What if your car was the only place you had to spend Christmas day? What if that very same car had to keep you warm and safe throughout the entire winter? Unfortunately that is a reality for far too many people.

The reasons for losing their secure dwellings may be numerous, but one thing is for certain, this downward spiral could happen to any of us if we are unfortunate, It could be people who were in good jobs, but got made redundant, and after failing to secure a replacement job for an extended period, could not afford to pay their rent or mortgage. Continue reading

A Homeless Shelter On Christmas Eve

Christmas in a shelter for Men, Women and Children.

Life in a homeless shelter on Christmas eve can be the start of a fantastic break from the normal hardships of everyday life. For people who have nothing, no safe shelter to sleep and no regular supply of food, a homeless shelter may feel like a new lease of life. A place where at least for a few days they can feel safe, respected and part of a community. A place where they can recharge their batteries, hope for a much better future and enjoy Christmas day surrounded by people. A homeless shelter on Christmas eve can be the start of a life changing experience for all involved. Continue reading

A homeless shelter for Christmas

Christmas at a homeless shelter isn’t home.

What would life be like if you spent Christmas at a homeless shelter. Of course, there are many generous people who give up their time to help cook and serve food for those less fortunate then themselves and thus spend their Christmas at homeless shelter not out of necessity, but because of their inner desire to give back. A totally fantastic and rewarding use of their time which everyone should consider. But, then there are other, for whom the homeless shelter works so tirelessly to help; the homeless person. The person who would otherwise have to spend the cold winter on their own, perhaps out on the street, but now have a much safer option for the Christmas holiday thanks largely to the generosity of people like yourself. Continue reading